The second annual Burning Man European Leadership conference was held in Amsterdam on 6-8.2.2015 bringing together over 100 community leaders from 25 different countries worldwide to share knowledge, connect and collaborate across cultures. We were also there with Andy.

The weekend was full of intense workshops varying from personal development to event production and community engagement. The weekend started with the “Moving Europe” parade that started from Amsterdam Centraal and made its way through the streets of Amsterdam bringing joy to countless bystanders. Participants were carrying oversized photos taken by photographers Jan Beddegenoodts, Thomas Dorn, Sidney Erthal, Scott London, and Gaby Thijsse to show the art and landscape of Burning Man to fellow city dwellers.

On Saturday, the group visited THNK School of Creative Leadership for workshops on how to engage better with surrounding communities that host Burning Man events. The THNK staff were very impressed as over a hundred creative minds were able to engage in the workshop without any hesitation, as they were normally used to corporate managers.

All in all the weekend was a great inspiration for the future of the project and especially Andy was really impressed with the people attending the conference. His feedback about the conference was:

“As a newbie to all that is Burning Man, I wish I could give you all the gift of perspective:

I have never met so many unbelievably passionate, uninhibited, genuine and caring bunch of people in one place before at the same time before.  It was quite mind blowing and most of all a refreshing reminder of how we can live if we so choose to.

Today on my drive to work I had tears in my eyes thinking about how I have changed over the course of the weekend and to add an absolute kicker, as I write this email my 2 year old daughter just came up closed my laptop to sing me:

“I’ll think of you as I go, so when I leave you’re not alone and no matter where we are I will never be that far because I will think of you as I go."

Life is just too crazy and awesome.”

- Anssi Laurila