Approximately 400 Burners and local community leaders from around the world gathered up in San Francisco between on April 9-12. for the 9th annual Burning Man Global Leadership Conference.

The conference started on Thursday 9th of April with a welcoming reception at the Burning Man HQ in Mission where many members of the global community got to see each other for a long time.

The highlights of the event were the speech of former US presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich shared his experiences of his first Burn in 2014 and the different stories how the members of the Burner community have impacted their local communities with art and creative action.

The weekend had a solid set of various workshops from technology developed for Burning Man to personal development, civic engagement, a panel discussion about the future of maker movement to the story of creating a Burning Man temple in the most divided city in Northern Ireland together by both Catholics and Protestants.

Saturday peaked into a Burner party in Inner Mission where the participants had a great night together.

The during the weekend, new connections were made and ideas shared. Our project got a really positive response and gained interest. We also decided that it will be the easiest to have the art installation completed at the Reno Generator.