Many of the interested people have probably been wondering why has the project been silent for a long time. The whole process has taken much longer than expected and generally there has not been that many things that we could publish.

There are still some questionmarks regarding the rules of engagement with Burning Man that we are looking forward to solve. Therefore, we have not yet been able to involve corporate sponsors as the Burning Man rules strictly forbid using commercial logos, but we are aiming to overcome this issue together with the Burning Man Organization.

We are going to try a little bit different approach than originally planned to the project. We will be calling everyone interested and wanting to commit to the project, but at this point we cannot guarantee that we will get tickets directly for everyone. However, we are working on getting a number of tickets appointed to the project, and if it is less than the needed amount, we will turn every tiny stone to find some for everyone interested.

We are also working on lowering the cost of participation from regular price of 2500 (approximate cost of going to Burning Man from Finland) down to 1000 or even less, but at this point we cannot guarantee this. However, we have the money to build the art installation so we can start with that already.

As the semester is coming to its end and people have started planning their summer, we have to start really working to make the project reality.

We will be sending out a call for the project soon and will be having our first meetup in the near future.