Aalto on Fire - Refinement

We continue working on the concept of our art installation that Aalto students and affiliates plan to deliver to Burning Man this August. Project submission deadline is coming upon us, and there’s a lot of work ahead. Yet we are not afraid of challenges. Instead, we are getting more and more excited about the project. Our team is growing and welcomes new people with very special skills. On Thursday we gathered at ADF once again for our refinement workshop. Inspired by Kalevala stories we are striving to share the ancient knowledge of Finland with the Burning Man community this year. Going through the journey of Väinämöinen we chose to recreate one of the Kalevala Runos.

Reina created a beautiful piece for our concept:


“At night, it transforms into a crazy party fish, being lit up with colorful lamps/LEDs powered by solar/wind energy collected during the day. Time for a fish rave” – comments Reina

Stay tuned for more updates.