A lot has been going on and it has been difficult to keep up with the pace. The team has been meeting on a steady pace on every Tuesday and Thursday, but as the project will proceed further, it is most likely that we have to increase the pace. The piece that the group will deliver will be a pike head with a kantele in its mouth, inspired by the Finnish national epic Kalevala.


Because we did not just want our pike to be a simple fish, but we wanted it to sing, it was natural to invite the most traditional Finnish kantele manufacturer, Koistinen Kantele to join the project.


We were extremely happy when father and son Koistinen said yes to the project and they will join us in Black Rock City this year. Hannu Koistinen, the CEO of Koistinen Kantele, has decades of experience in building kantele’s and while doing so he has reinvented the whole instrument by starting to manufacture the world’s first electric kantele’s. The family business could be described as the Stradivarius of kantele.


Hannu Koistinen’s son, Anttu, 22, is very experienced kantele player and we hope that he will get the possibility to introduce kantele to the bigger crowd at the Burning Man event by performing on various stages and events within the Burning Man event.


We also got great news from the US. The Reno Generator finally confirmed that we could build our piece there before the event. This was a great relief for the entire group, as the piece could not be delivered to the playa unless we got a place to build in the US. Shipping the piece was out of question as it would had taken 2 months from us and was impossible in terms of our schedule.


We are now on a good roll with finally getting the concept ready within the upcoming days and hopefully will be able to begin our build next week.


More update to follow a bit more often.



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