Aalto on Tracks

In 2010 Aalto on Tracks took 80 people from the Aalto University community with a private train from Helsinki to Shanghai World Expo, China, on May 2010. That’s over 10 000 kilometers and a week on tracks! The goal was to take Aalto University, Finland and Finnish education to the world. We wanted to unite Aalto people and create an unforgettable learning experience for around a hundred Aalto people and guests.




Aalto on Waves

Aalto on Waves took place in November and December 2011, taking 110 students, professors, researchers, companies and other members of the Aalto community by ship to Brazil. During the journey, we created social impact through learning and collaborating on real challenges.



Aalto in Africa

In 2012 Aalto in Africa took 50 students, in addition to staff members and other partners from Aalto University through the Zambian wilderness all the way to Cape Town, South Africa to learn from and co-create with local communities to achieved a unique learning experience.