Anssi Laurila, Main Organiser / Finland Regional Contact, Burning Man

Anssi Laurila is an Entrepreneurship and IDBM student at Aalto. Besides Aalto, he has experience in projects at  CERN and Tongji University, Shanghai. He also spent the spring 2014 at Stanford University Center for Design Management to write his master’s thesis on co-learning in business incubators, and volunteering for Silicon Vikings. In 2013 he worked as the president of Entropy, the largest electronic music culture association in Finland. He has visited Burning Man in 2013 and 2014 and currently works as the Finnish regional contact for Burning Man.

Contact: anssi dot laurila at aalto dot fi


Andrew Clutterbuck, Main Organiser / Desert Wrangler

Andrew Clutterbuck works as a coach and project coordinator at Aalto Design Factory, and has done studies in Creative Sustainability. He has been with Design Factory since its beginning and created a collaboration program with UNICEF and Aalto University where he has taken students to work on various humanitarian field projects in Uganda. Nowadays Andy works actively in student engagement and educational development projects with the next generation of University students. Andrew Clutterbuck represents the Aalto staff in Aalto on Fire project. 

Contact: andrew dot clutterbuck at aalto dot fi



Valerie Vlasenko, SM & Legal Artviser

Valerie Vlasenko is currently working at an Aalto born startup: Ambronite. Valerie is a community manager there and is looking after similar issues in our project. Having a background in Law doesn't hurt and Valerie has taken this experience and blended it with her passion for art and all things creative by establishing: Legal Artviser. With a rich tapestry of experiences and interests, Valerie brings her energy, inspiration and knowhow to the project.

Contact: valerie at legalartviser dot com