The aim of the project is to have a multi-disciplinary team of Aalto affiliates and other interested people to co-create an art installation and deliver it over to Burning Man 2015.

This year we will be showcasing a proof-of-concept project for future collaboration between Burning Man and Aalto University. We will co-create a manageable sized, interactive art installation, figure out all the logistical challenges, and according to the Burning Man spirit, we invite everyone interested to join the project. When successful, this will be the first collaboration of its kind.

We will work together with the Burning Man Organization to get a number of tickets appointed for the project, but that will be still confirmed later on. In case we are unable to get enough tickets for the project, we will collaborate together to find a way to get a ticket for everyone in need. This approach will require participation and determination of all of the attendants. We expect active participation from each of the participants and want to remind that the project is not an all inclusive trip to Disney Land.

The total cost for each individual is yet unclear, but we aim to bring it as low as possible. Normally, the cost of participating in Burning Man from Finland is approximately 2000-2500 €. We aim to significantly lower this cost.